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Working hard to make the best craft beer possible, so you can enjoy your post game brews.

Kristina Coppock


A newly evolved beer lover, Kristina’s background revolves around hospitality and customer service and most recently, healthcare as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Her relationship with beer started almost at the same time as her relationship with Nathan back in 2006. His love of beer spilled over into her trying (his) various beers until she eventually fell in love and figured out that not all beer tastes like the mass produced water beers one can afford in college!  Her strengths for this group have developed from owning and operating and learning all things business in the Coppock’s chiropractic practice. Marketing, Money and Paperwork-Oh My! Her desire is to fill the tap room with events for all ages to keep 5th Line Brewing the happening place to be in Yakima.

Nathan Coppock

Brewing | Research | Operations

Nate has been brewing on a small scale for the past 10 years and has spent many nights and weekends researching breweries, the brewing process, the science behind brewing, and of course visiting tasting rooms to try new beers and see what seems to be working and what is not. Starting during the time Nate was at WSU earning his bachelors to teach science he has worked in numerous construction jobs, then he followed his wife into Chiropractic school where he received a doctorate and a Master’s degree in 2012. It was during this stint of higher education in Portland, Oregon that Nathan developed his love of craft beer and brewing. In the 8 years since exiting chiropractic school Nathan has worked with his wife to open and run Active Life Chiropractic. To top all of this off Nate has been traveling the NW playing hockey for the last 30 years, since he came of age he has been able to enjoy the local beers at all of the tournaments and games he goes to. This combination of experience and research has proven useful in not only opening a brewery, but in designing new beers to push out to all the 5th Liners out there.

Jessa Sutherland

Flavor Development | Customer Relations

Jessa’s background in the food service industry.  She also has an art degree with experience in graphic design.  Jessa has experience in procurement, inventory management, and food safety from when she ran a kitchen for a small private school. She plans to help with flavor development and customer relations.  Along with keeping things organized and clean.  She is an avid gardener and fresh produce preserver.  Jessa grew up on a western Washington dairy farm and is experienced with hard work and dedication to get the jobs done.   Eventually, she would like to have a small kitchen or food truck to produce food that complements our beverage choices.  She enjoys developing recipes that use our beers and local wines.

Christopher Sutherland

Brewer | Lead Grunt

Being born, raised and educated in Alberta, Canada has lead Christopher to a myriad of experiences with hockey, beer and agricultural toils.  A firm belief that nothing finishes a game or the end of a workday quite like a cold beer has kept him striving to improve his skills, both on the ice and in the brewery.

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